Why Punk Didn’t Exactly Change It.

Before punk society had changed anyway. The sufragettes had burned their bras earlier in the century, the wars were a distant memory and the 60’s had broken most of the barriers in terms of making a new sense of freedom found. What punk did do was make the disgusting more public than anything before it. Although Pork and other such related Factory plays had brought a few people in New York City filth, how many kids in council houses in British cities really new about it. When punk came so did widespread vulgarity. Freddie Got Fingered, Dirty Sanchez and even Liam Gallagher owe pretty much everything to The Sex Pistols, The Damned etc. gobbing at their audience.
Being brash and filthy has been with us for over thirty years now so let’s keep it that way. Kids gob at your mum when she asks you what you want for tea.


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