Arsenal vs. Barcelona – The Dream

If somehow tonight Arsenal can beat Manchester United and then tomorrow, Barcelona can beat Chelsea, the real winner will be football. Although I do not believe that Barca are justified in their moans about Chelsea’s negativity (the best way to stop Chelsea doing this would have been to score, they didn’t), I do believe that the two sides who play the most attractive football not only out of who’s left, but arguably in Europe anyways are Barca and the Arsenal. Imagine a final in which the football played is free flowing, beautiful, ‘pass-n-move’ stuff rather than a repeat of last year’s final which was rather drab until penalties (especially Terry slipping and missing).
There is an argument that the 2006 final between The Catalonians and the North Londoners was not exactly inspiring either but at least you thought at the end of the game about what might have been had Arsenal not been reduced to ten men so early on. Chelsea vs. United last year was as good as it got between the two because neither will be willing to risk too much.
In short the point I am trying to make is that we should all think a bit more like Johann Cruyff and want the game to be about totality and beauty rather than winning at all costs.


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