The Big News of the Past Month

So… Cameron and Clegg are in, Chelsea are Champions of England (though it pains me to say it), The Libertines will reform for Reading/Leeds, some bloke called Paul McCartney is headlining Isle of Wight and yet again The Mail on Sunday has proven its worth (or rather lack of) by damaging our chances of landing the 2018 World Cup! What to make of it all?

Well, to be honest, I thought that Cameron would win outright so a Co-allition isn’t the worst news, but certainly not the best either. Much the same with Chelsea who I thought would walk it, so to at least see their nerves jangle was good.

The Libertines reformation: quite exciting I suppose. Just wonder how long they can rehearse together for before deciding that they can’t stand each other now!

Paul McCartney playing Isle of Wight: a few quid for the famously minted old codger. Wouldn’t mind seeing him but don’t fancy the outrageous price for IoW to sit and sweat and not shower.

Mail Group: Wankers!

In other news I watched the South Park facebook and Lake Tardicaca episodes the other day, watch them! They are fantastic!


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