Re-issues and Compilations

The re-issue is a funny concept. Take an album that’s already been released (in most cases some years previously), re-package it and re-sell it to the masses. Genarally, in fairness, the product we’re being sold is a re-mastered (I’m using that prefix quite a bit here) version and thus our product is a better quality version of the original (sonically, at least). In fact, sometimes, we’re given a fantastic product. The Beatles’ re-masters, which were released last year, were a real success. Those great songs were given a spruce up by George Martin and came out great.

Other times, however we have to question why these records are being released. A quick trawl through the ‘What’s New?’ section of Spotify will show you that Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet has been re-issued recently and gives us nothing different, really, from the original. Is this just a case of labels squeezing every last penny out of the name of one of their successful artists? Probably…

This brings me nicely on to the compilation. Queen have a new singles collection out, but hang on a minute… don’t they have a Greatest Hits 1, 2 and 3 already? The Clash have many a compilation/live album due to the small print in their original contract tieing them to make more than the 6 albums they thought they were required to make and I wonder how many more cases like this are out there?

Now, I love The Clash and Queen respectively, but don’t need to be marketed another album every year full of the tunes of theirs I already own.


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