5 of the Best – Days of the Week

Right, every so often, when I can think of it, I’m going to use a theme and name 5 songs which are the best I can think of within that category. So here goes the first one: Songs to Do with Days of the Week.

Morrissey – Every Day is Like Sunday: A fantastic track and the first one that springs to my mind when thinking of this category. The line: “this is the seaside town/that they forgot to close down/come armageddon, come armageddon now” is typical Mozza. Superb and possibly his best solo number.

Wierd intro on Jonathon Ross, don’t worry, he does start singing the song in question

The Cure – Friday I’m in Love: Another obvious one, great tune from a great band. One of my favourite Cure numbers.

Boomtown Rats – (Tell Me Why) I Don’t Like Mondays: This, Rat Trap and Mary of the Fourth Form are reasons to like Bob Geldof… sadly there are so many more not to.

The Clash – Police on My Back: Couldn’t resist this one. One of the best tunes from one of the best bands ever. It lists every day of the week in its bridge. Maybe the best song on this list (Mozza runs it very close if this is the case).

Police on My Back

Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday: It would have been very wrong not to include this song. Very wrong indeed. A really great tune.


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