Being… N-Dubz

N-Dubz. Our chavviest pop group ever? Well, probably. This show is meant to give us insight into N-Dubz’ life and boy does it.

Dappy and Fazer, the two male members seem to still be content with hanging around the shithole they grew up in in NW London. Dappy admits, whilst getting on the tube, that his Oyster Card purchase is the first time he has ever paid for the tube. They’ve sold 1.2 Million records and Dappy still bunks the tube. Ridiculous.


Tulisa, the groups female member, however has embraced her new-found life as a celeb. She drives round in a (horrendously tacky) white Audi sports car with the top down, gets her nails done and turns up late to things due to heavy nights. In an odd way, she’s quite attractive. A sort of sexy chav, I suppose (who knew there was such a thing?) Tulisa, though, I must say is way more likeable – due to maturity, better articulacy and, well, general personality actually – than Dappy and Fazer.

During the show Dappy goes off on a political tangent whilst stood outside a council estate. He pleads with David Cameron not to take people’s benefits away. Well, hold on a minute, I totally agree with the welfare state, but these people living in his tower block! Surely they are not all disabled! Surely they could do some form of labouring, cleaning or something if their qualifications aren’t so good! They live in Chalk Farm, about 20 minutes walk from the centre of London! Surely they must be able to get even a part-time job. Grrr. Dappy by name, dappy by nature.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, good show, just the subjects that are annoying. Barring Tulisa actually, she seems quite nice.


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