Never Mind

So, England are out. Beaten by a far superior German team. You can’t argue with 4-1. Anyway, I want to focus on some of the things we do in this country that are good. We’ve always had a great music scene, well since the ’60s anyway. We’ve got a rich vein of great comedy shows, especially over the last 30 years with everything from Blackadder to The Office to Peep Show. So let’s not get too disheartened.

Blackadder himself

I knew before today’s game we’d lose. It’s the Germans! Always efficient, always good at tournaments, always able to beat the English (barring that one time in ’66). I’m not too pissed off, I think the team has improved under Fabio Capello. Look at what he inherited, a team that didn’t qualify for the European Championships. Last 16 of the WC is a big improvement.

Fabio Capello

The annoying thing now will be the sensationalist press and their vilification of a harmless scapegoat. It will probably be Capello, not sure he’ll care too much though. He’s one of the game’s best managers and it shows the England players up rather than him. He can get the best out of good players. Our boys just aren’t this.


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