Does Anyone Own A Beverly Knight Record?

Every time one of her records is out the advert tells us “she’s the biggest British female R&B singer” or something along those lines. Well, everyone I speak to about this agrees with me…

Beverly Knight is shit. Uncharismatic, annoying, songs are boring. Sure, everybody likes the “shoulda’, woulda’, coulda'” song, I do, it’s a good song. But the rest of it is a pile of shite!


What brought me on to this subject today is an advert I saw for QVC, Knight will be appearing on the home shopping channel for some reason. It made me think “How desperate can one artist be?”

Beverly Knight has been plugging away for years with lacklustre album after lacklustre album. GIVE UP. If you’ve not made it by now love you never will.

It annoys me that in her adverts the voice over gives her that tag of ‘biggest British female R&B singer’. Surely Leona Lewis is that now. A few years ago, surely somebody like Ms. Dynamite was. Never Beverly bloody Knight.


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