Florence Releases Another New Single?

This is getting ridiculous! That bloody Lungs album is the new Thriller. Every song from it is being released as a single. How much money can one band make from one album?

Cosmic Love, the latest track to be released from the album sounds no different really from the others to be released.

Piss off!!!!!

I quite liked this album when it first came out. I mean, I felt there was something annoying about Flo herself and I thought it was a bit chorus heavy, but I could see it was pretty good. Now, I hate this bloody album. I hate Flo herself – uncharismatic, annoying voice – and the choruses play in every shop/pub/restaurant I happen to wander into!

I am sick of this album and sick of whoever is in charge of operations at Flo HQ squeezing every last penny out of it!


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