5 of the Best – First Names

We all have one in some form or other, in Brazil they have, like, 3 and use one as a nickname. Here’s 5otB to do with first names…

Rod Stewart – Maggie May: Easily one of the most famous songs ever made and a bloody good one at that. Classic! A great example of a bad break-up.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Suzie Q: John Fogerty was a much maligned character at the peak of the hippie counter-culture period, but this Bad Moon Rising and the Creedence version of I Put a Spell on You really make me wonder why?

The Red Dress One, she definitely had it!

The Libertines – What Katie Did: Great riff, cool literature based title and that “shoop shoop, shoop du-lang-u-lang” bit. Can’t wait to see there gig at Reading, on the TV of course, there’s no way I’m getting my trainers dirty and I do not wear wellies, I’m not a National Trust member.


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