The Album

With iPods, x amount of compilation 2cd, genre specific sets and all manner of online listening tools such as youtube and spotify, one has to wonder: is the album going to die?

Probably not, but I do fear that people look at their iPods and only see the ‘shuffle’ option. Your iPod has an ‘albums’ option as well, so why no sit and listen to one of the albums on there. It’s very enjoyable.

The other problem, I suppose, is iTunes itself. Today’s listener has the option to cherry pick his/her favourite tracks off an album and leave the ones they don’t know. That is a big worry.

I know this is a much debated discourse, however, it’s something I feel strongly about and the 2 or 3 people that happen to bother to read this (in-between flicking through ‘songs’ on their iPod probably) may just take something from it. I hope, anyway.


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