Ron Sexsmith – Believe It When I See It

Ron Sexsmith has been receiving critical acclaim for his songwriting for years. He’s had endorsements from big name acts such as Paul McCartney, but so far not much mainstream sales success. It’s a funny one because Sexsmith has all the hallmarks of one that should have by now, well his music does anyway. Generally, Ron’s stuff is full of catchy hooks and well worked harmonies and is nearly always produced in a polished fashion. It really is funny how some make it huge and others don’t, even though both can share such similar qualities.

Sexsmith – Looks a little like that one out of Keane doesn’t he? Nice.

Anyway, it’s business as usual here for Sexsmith with a really nice vocal melody and a great, if slightly standard, arrangement. The hook line of “see it with my own two eyes” really could have been written by anyone, granted, but overall it’s nice. Maybe herein lies the problem, it’s just nice.

In any case if this track can feel a little cheesy, it’s also perfect to hear on the radio whilst driving or doing the dishes. There’s some really good George Harrison style guitar parts and the album it comes from Long Player Late Bloomer is not bad either.

Verdict: Not breaking any barriers down, but not nauseating either.


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