A Quick Note on Friday’s Post

Well, there was nothing of the sort from Moz then was there. Just a really great set. His only comments on U2, in fact, were “I’ll sing quickly, I know you’re all waiting for U2” and “Enjoy U2 [to the crowd]”.

I, personally (thank heavens for BBC iPlayer), was busy enjoying Morrissey however. Other than a poor rendition of This Charming Man (his band’s, rather than his fault due to guitarists just playing the chords and none of the intricate, jangly bits) it was a fantastic gig.

The bequiffed one in all his glory

Running through hits like You Have Killed Me and a fantastic rendition of Meat is Murder (the forethought of which was provided by Moz welcoming the banning of circus animals in the U.K.) he was on top form.

Call me a dreamer, but a Smiths reunion would be nice. Just Morrissey and Marr would be fine (no Mike Joyce confrontations that way).


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