Radiohead and Pulp Play Glasto

Quelle suprise, Radiohead and Pulp have played their ‘secret’ (nothing is so in today’s World chaps) gigs at Glastonbury Festival.

I’ve not had a chance to look at them yet, but will in due time and will also report on them.

BBC iPlayer had their (Pulp’s) 1995 and (Radiohead’s) 1997 sets respectively up all last week, this was the first hint. Then came the barrage of whistleblowing online and before long, even a marxist hippie with a severe hatred of computers and news coverage would have had half an idea (not that such a person would be seen dead at Glasto these days for £195 a pop).

The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury

Still, it’s great that there are little extras for those paying the extortionate amount to get into the mega-fest.


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