A Few Things to Be Excited About…

I’ve not updated recently due to moving flat and waiting for the internet man from Virgin sodding Media to turn up. He still hasn’t and I’m currently in the library at Uni writing this! But I’m not bitter.

Anyway, here are a few things to be excited about:

First things first. All reports seem to say Damon Albarn’s Doctor Dee is fantastic, so let’s hope he goes nationwide (worldwide, in fact) with it. I’m sure he will. The main thing to get excited about, however, is that he, Tony Allen and Flea will all be playing Ireland’s Cork Festival together as a group as well as releasing an album later this year/early next. Great bassist, great drummer and great frontman hook up. Only great things can be expected, right?

Damon Albarn

Secondly. Mark Lynas has a new book titled The God Species out. More apocalyptic visions from the author of the brilliant, insightful and downright scary Six Degrees.

Finally. Jack White and Black Milk have teamed up for a new song called Brain. It’s good. That’s all.


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