5 of the Best – Newspapers

With the abhorrent actions of those under a certain Australian tycoon’s wings still fresh in the mind and causing passionate outpourings of scorn the World over, here’s 5 of the Best songs ever made to do with newspapers.

The Clash – The Leader: This track off of their wonderfully varied fourth LP Sandinista is a humorous riot, with its refrain line of “the people must have something good to read on a Sunday” being its focal point. Very apt today, the first Sunday without the News of the World available in newsagents since 1843.

The Jam – News of the World: An equally apt song, if not more so. Paul Weller’s sarcastic, snarling commentary on Britain’s best-selling Sunday newspaper is also one of his best songs.

The Jam – News of the World

The Beatles – A Day in the Life: The last song on Sgt. Pepper’s… is quite simply astonishing. No song on this list, or any other maybe, will match its brilliance and its impact.

Billy Joel – New York State of Mind: Though not directly about a newspaper, this song’s mentioning of The New York Times and the Daily News justifies its entry here. Joel’s best ballad? Maybe, I think Piano Man just wins that one though.

Billy Joel – New York State of Mind

Bob Dylan – Ballad of a Thin Man: Dylan tells it like it is on this track and once again tells it better than anybody else. Might have to rethink that Beatles statement, this is up in that pantheon. Its brilliance and impact are also immeasurable.


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