What’s Going On?

Marvin Gaye once asked that rather ambiguous question and put it in a setting in which ambiguity had no place. He masterfully questioned the world around him in a song which means so much to so many. With that in mind, I ask what’s going on right now?

Well, the News International phone-hacking scandal continues to both fascinate and disgust. The web of revelations keeps spinning and day by day I, as well as many others, lose any faith in the notion that Britain is not corrupt.

We’ve lost Lucian Freud, the man revered as “the best British painter alive”, sadly the latter part of that statement can be wiped off, but arguably not the former. Though Lowry may give him a run for his money.

One of Freud’s great self portraits

The music industry has had a warning from Elton John to clean up its act and start nurturing artists properly, like he is with his new Rocket company, and stop being so throw-away. Elton’s comments were made in an interview with Music Week and can be found here:

Finally, a hospital in Stockport (where my girlfriend did a placement once) has been at the centre of a saline contamination scandal. To answer the question ‘what’s going on?’; quite a bloody lot is.


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