Pledge Music

If you don’t know, then get to know about Pledge Music. It’s a fantastic site where you, yes you, can pledge money for music projects you deem worthy of your hard-earned. The idea is simple, a trailer or pitch-style video or a bit of blurb explaining what they want to do is uploaded by a Pledge member onto the site and you can buy into it to help fund recording costs etc.

It’s not limited to music per se, in fact there are some wonderful trailers for documentaries and the like on the site.

For fees which, in fairness, are really not that high you can own mementos and the like from the projects and the money is used for anything from travel and expenses for the artists, to recording costs.

It’s a really great way to cut out the necessity of a major record label and by pledging you can be a part of something that will in turn exist for many years to come: a finished product.

The link for Pledge Music’s site is here and to follow on Twitter click here!/pledgemusic and obviously click ‘follow’ on the page.


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