Some Stuff What I’ve Enjoyed Recently

QPR: The Four Year Plan – Really cool BBC documentary about the finest football team the world has ever seen. It highlights the disparity between the seemingly off-hand, clumsy and harsh Briatore administration and any manager forced to work for it. The ending also brought back some great memories from last summer’s promotion.

The Artist – Though essentially a throwback, The Artist breathes some new life into silent film. It’s an interesting story, well-conveyed and acted out with a breathtaking soundtrack. Not sure about the Oscar though, just because I enjoyed it, it doesn’t make it better than other noteworthy contenders.

The Artist

Freakonomics – I’m late to this one, I know. Huge when it first came out in 2005, this book so brilliantly explains the answers to quirky questions in an economic (pun intended) way. Lucidly-written with well-thought-out content it is a must if you haven’t read it already!

Blonde on Blonde – One of Dylan’s best albums, I’ve really been getting back into this recently. I’ve always loved You Go Your Way (and I’ll Go Mine), but my eyes have been re-opened to the magic of Visions of Johanna and I Want You once more. Stunning album.

Blonde on Blonde

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