Gallowaywi’ya!!! – 5 of the Best Scandalous Songs

I absolutely cannot believe that the people of Bradford West voted in George Galloway – him of Celebrity Big Brother fame who pretended to be a cat – in last night’s by-election. My disgust is such that I see this as, in fact, a bloody scandal! With this in mind here’s 5otB scandalous songs for you (and don’t even think Mis Teeq are included).

Eminem – Kim: When I was a lad Eminem was just about the only interesting mainstream pop star (don’t even think Mis Teeq would be included here either!) and this song, with its honour killing theme (Galloway probably loved it), caused quite a stir when it appeared on The Marshall Mathers LP. Not just scandalous, but downright outrageous.

Eminem – Kim

Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen: It’s hard to think of a song that has caused more of a stir and backlash in the history of popular music and anything that gets up the nose of Royalists is good for me.

Dead Kennedys – Kill the Poor: This caused a reaction, but only because people mis-interpreted it. Kill the Poor is actually a protest song, not a manifesto on how to eradicate the less-wealthy members of society. It’s also a fantastic, energising cult-punk classic.

Dead Kennedys – Kill the Poor

2Pac feat. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg and YDG – All About You: “Is you sick from the dick or is it the flu?” – just one of many foul, filthy lyrics which litter this gangsta rap dream of a scandal. Really, much of 2Pac, Snoop or Nate’s output could be up here, especially Nate’s I Need a Bitch.

Mis Teeq – Scandalous: Just kidding!


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