Stuff What’s Happening and That…

After a brief hiatus – due to a number of things which are far too tiresome to go into here – I shall begin updating this old blog again! Anyway, I thought I’d kick off with a few things going on in music and the arts, so here we go.

Sir Peter Bazalgette has been appointed as the Chairman of the Arts Council. Bazalgette, who owns TV production company Endemol (the makers of such artistic programs as Big Brother and Deal or No Deal), will take up his role at the end of January and will work two days a week for £40,000 per year – which is not a bad pay rate by anybody’s standards. Sir Peter said of his new role: “sustaining our vigorous arts and cultural sector is admittedly a challenge, but one I greatly look forward to”. (Full story here)


Former Beatle Paul McCartney is to be awarded France’s Legion of Honour medal on Saturday. The distinction is the highest available in France and was set up by Napoleon Bonaparte to award notable figures. Macca will join Clint Eastwood and Liza Minnelli as an awardee. (Full story here)

Finally, today would have been Freddie Mercury’s 66th birthday and in conjunction with this the NME blog has a ‘rank the albums’ post up, purely because they love an inane poll. In at number 1 is News of the World while down at number 15 is Hot Space. My personal favorite, A Night at the Opera, came in 3rd place. (Full list here)


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